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Cuddly and Feminine, like a teddy with eye shadow.


Hahhahaha ive been shortlisted for thw position and ive been given a brief to complete guys i think this might be it

wait… Are they asking you to do work, but haven’t definitely given you the job? That’s a major red flag if they are.

If you’ve signed a contract for the brief it’s fine, but a lot of companies get photographers/illustrators etc to do work without paying them by telling them they need to do work to apply for the job and just use the work they submit without hiring.

This happened to me once by the way, applied for a job as a waitress, they told me I needed to come for a training/test day, the training lasted 15 minutes and they had me cleaning dishes the rest of the day (Along with 3 others people also going for this job) never paid, never hired. I should have left as soon as they told me to start cleaning but I didn’t, cause I really needed a job. 

To all illustrators: Always be wary when asked to do work before being given a job. Sign a contract, have a written agreement, or just investigate the company. 
it’s always so tempting, especially when it’s so hard to find any kind of job, to just say yes to whatever is asked of you in the hopes that it means you can get into your chosen career path. Remember that if they ask you to do work before being hired, you’re not necessarily increasing Your chances of getting hired, but more likely the chances of nobody getting hired.
Btw, not saying don’t do it, saying be careful.

Please reblog if…..


You identify as LGBTQIA+ (or consider yourself an ally)


You currently work in or want to work in the animation industry

So sorry to be doing one of these “reblog if” posts but I’ve been having some queerness-related troubles at work and I feel quite embarrassed constantly talking my straight friends/coworkers/bosses’ ears off on the subject. :(

Hello :)

Talent is a pursued interest. In other words, anything that you’re willing to pratice, you can do.

Bob Ross

It’s true ya know. And you can tell yourself it’s not as long as you like but thats time you could’ve spent learning something.


you can’t be a bisexual if you’ve never dated a girl. all bisexuals must submit proof of dating history before becoming fully licensed and must be registered to continue practicing bisexuality. please renew your licence every 5 years to avoid reclassification as hetero- or homosexual and to remain eligible for our annual picnic and raffle.


I’m sorry I just can’t take people seriously when you get that upset over a project that is basically wish fulfillment for PoC who fail to get decent any representation.

So yes, I will be a condescending arsehole to those people. I will be a bitch. I will be rude, passive aggressive, annoying

As a White Person. I am sick to death of white people in films. FILMS HAVE MADE ME BORED OF WHITE PEOPLE!



Favourite tips and tricks from "Needing Ana/Mia"

2. Drink ice cold water. Your body will burn calories just getting the water to a normal temperature to digest. Also it is great for your complexion.

3. Drink 3 cups of green tea daily. It will help boost your metabolism, plus its…

No, stop it, this is very bad for you.

I saw this and it only previews the first 2 so I looked on it and with the first few I was like.
"Well, they’re not ideal but they seem fair suggestions." so I read the rest…

11… “okay… so not constantly but yeah that works…”
13… “Huh well… thats uh… gross”
14… “… Keep your hair in good condition so no one will suspect anything… SO NO ONE WILL SUSPECT ANYTHING that’s quite unsettling.
15. “Wait now, thats not a good idea…”
And it just gets worse from there.

Jesus christ this is one of the creepiest things I’ve ever seen. It’s like a guide on how to psychologically torture yourself.

Me and a friend while watching Joseph and his Technicolor dreamcoat:

Chris: It’s donny osmond jesus!

Vonnie: well not quite… he existed long before Jesus was born

Chris: Don’t talk down to me. You think I don’t know donny osmonds been around longer than jesus?

Whenever people talk about bad representation of women in Disney’s Snow white I’m all like; Dude, it’s 77 years old, if it were a person it would be your racist old grandmother.

"I am interested in entertaining people, in bringing pleasure, particularly laughter, to others, rather than being concerned with ‘expressing’ myself with obscure creative impressions." - Walt Disney
I’d give anything to be half the businessman he was.